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In the legacy of early publications like Freedom’s Journal and Crisis Magazine, AAHGS publishes quality journalistic and scholarly research in the area of African American history and genealogy. Our contributors include individuals  advanced, intermediate or novice  writing on the frontlines of promoting, sharing, remembering, researching African American family and social history, and genealogy as scholars, journalists, family historians, or genealogists.

AAHGS JournalJournal of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society.  

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The AAHGS Journal is an annual publication of original research written by scholars and family historians/genealogists.

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Quarterly Newsletter. AAHGS News uses journalism “to tell our own story” much like Russworm and Cornish, the publishers of the first black newspaper in America, Freedom’s Journal, did beginning in 1827.  We are keenly aware that although the first slave ship arrived on North American shores some 400 years ago (1619), the majority of the histories, life stories, and genealogies of African Americans are waiting to be excavated, written, and published.  Our goal is to encourage, assist, and provide an outlet in our pages to family historians/journalists.  We are primarily a digital publication but hard copies are available on a limited basis.  Click here for more information on obtaining copies of AAHGS News.

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AAHGS Special Publications. AAHGS Special publications issued occasionally on noteworthy historical and genealogical topics. 

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