AAHGS was founded in 1977 in Washington, DC by a small group of historians and genealogists, who felt a need to share resources and methodology for pursuing historical and genealogical research. For more than 46 years, our members have worked together to trace the historical ties that bind us one to another, mold the present, and shape the future.

We operate as a national organization with local affiliate chapters. The national organization is responsible for maintaining the website, producing publications, hosting the annual conference, maintaining communications, and promoting the work of AAHGS on a national level. Chapters represent “our feet on the ground.” They meet regularly to share historical information and conduct local projects.

Our first chapter was chartered in Columbia, Maryland in 1989. Each year since then, new chapters have been chartered in new locales. Presently, there are 32 chapters in 20 states and the District of Columbia.

Members of AAHGS are a diverse group of people of various ages, ethnicities, and professions - all united in their desire to preserve our past as a way of enabling our future.

The organization is affiliated with the National Genealogical Society and a number of national, state, and local genealogy societies and historical organizations.

AAHGS sponsors and supports projects and programs across the country, either on a national basis, through our local chapters, or through the initiative of individual members. Our members share their knowledge and discoveries by conducting workshops and giving lectures at events for a wide variety of organizations. They have worked with private and parochial school systems, Boy Scouts of America, Black Family Reunion, George Washington University, Federal Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Defense and Justice, Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, U.S. Postal Service, National Park Service, and other historical and genealogical organizations.